My Easter Holiday

This easter holiday  I just sat at home and played plants VS. Zombies the whole to time and my grandma came from america. I was really happy to because my hockey team won at the semi finals. next we have to play in the finals we have to win.macbook_pro_late_2008

Question of the Day

Question: If you could of personally witnessed any event in history, which event would you choose and why?

Answer: fffI think if I could witness an event in history I would choose the eruption of pompeii because I would want to see every one running for there lives like headless chickens.

Question of the day

Question: You can select one person from history, meet them for dinner and ask them a question. Whom would you select, and why?  What question would you ask?  Where would you take them out to dinner and what would you eat?

Answer: I would meet the king of greece and I would take him to my favorite  restaurant in the world would Nobu. We would order spicy food and I would ask  him “how did you make one o the greatest empires ever become a reality?’ I think he would say that he tried hard.